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Welcome to Color Du Jour's online makeup workshop. Our trainings are tailored to non-artists and artists alike looking to learn new techniques from the comfort of their home. New classes added monthly!

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Wing It *NEW*

A look so easy a baby can do it!!! Not quite, but this look is indeed a simple one for those looking for a quick application on the go. With or without the wing, this look can be an everyday go-to! All you’ll need are a few products, some brushes, and some spare time. Once you complete this look for the first time, keep practicing and soon it'll be 2nd nature! This tutorial will show you how to create this look from beginning to end with full product details. Don't forget to take notes, rewind, and watch again!

Video Length: 42 Minutes (Full Application)


New Nudes *NEW*

I mean...who doesn't love nudes? Typically nudes are incorporated in beauty looks by way of lip color options. Let's flip it and reverse it! This time we're going to use a combination of nude tones and color to achieve "New Nudes". This tutorial will show you how to achieve this look from start to finish with full product details.

Video Length: 67 minutes (Full Application)

Hoods Need Love

Hooded eyes are known for their lack of visible lid space and this lid type can make it challenging to achieve certain makeup looks. Choosing a look that compliments a hooded eye in addition to knowing the proper technique to use is key! While some looks are hard to create, others can glam up a hooded eye beautifully. This tutorial will show you how to achieve a beautiful application on a hooded eye. 

Video Length: 56 Minutes (Full Application)

Wedding Bells 

Back with another highly requested bridal glam tutorial! Bridal glam to unique in it’s own way. On the wedding day, makeup is applied in a particular way to hold up against tears, oils and even sweat! Starting with proper skin prep, several steps are vital to applying a flawless bridal look. This tutorial will show you how from start to finish. 


Video Length: 66 minutes (Full Application)


Step out "Glossin" from head to toe. Well, in this case, from eyes to lips! I stepped a little outside the box to create this radiant makeup tutorial featuring a new eye technique to create a glossy lid appropriately entitled "Glossin".

Video Length: 67 Minutes (Full Application)

Pumpkin Spice 

The holiday season is here, which means the leaves are changes and pumpkin spice is BACK! This tutorial will show you how to create a beautiful fall look inspired back some of my favorite fall colors. 

Video Length: 56 Minutes (Full Application)

Carve Me Out 

When it comes to “cut crease” applications, you’d discover mixed feelings. Some love them, and some don’t. Some find them easy to create while others struggle with the technique. Alternatively, a craved crease can be viewed as a happy medium. The application itself is easier to create with less precision needed on the eye and fewer steps. Similarly, a cut crease is a little easier on the “natural lover’s” eyes and a bit more universal. This tutorial will show you how to create this carved crease look entitled “Carve Me Out”. 

Video Length: 65 Minutes (Full Application)


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